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Jorge Siliezar

Thanks, Jorge Seliezar, for the exquisite violin and viola music! ​We were so lucky to have found you. Your heart and spirit fit into my musical vision perfectly.

arenal sunset

Gorgeous bougainvillea sunset


Carolai Gonzalez Great having you in the studio with your cello.

The Lab

The Lab Couldn't be a better place to record!

the lab
inside the lab

Viva La Musica!

inside the lab

D'Iacono Great mind at work (and play)

len's setup

Inside The Lab



Arenal porch

Playing crystal bowls and steel drum at sunset

Arenal music sunset

Inspirational sunset

me and Patricia

Deep Crystal Sound Journey

Mar 3

Bless the water and the earth.

_earth_ art BM

Love the Earth art


Heart rock

heart rocks in water

Love in the water

rock w.sandheart

Natural sand heart <3


Bless the Water

me in door
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