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My Story                                         

I have always loved to sing.  Pretty much anytime I was walking alone in nature, I was singing.  I was in school choirs, church choirs, madrigal groups, quartets, duets and for this album I've gone solo.
I dabbled in song-writing early on but began writing lyrics and music in earnest after some particularly difficult life challenges. It was a silver lining to some very rough weather.

After many attempts to record my songs, I nearly gave up.  Actually, I surrendered. 
I let life take over.  I thought, ok, maybe these songs are just for me... but always had a feeling they were to be shared. But I think we were just waiting for circumstances to be aligned perfectly. Because recording 'The Rapture' was magical in many ways... sort of had a life of its own and a momentum that carried me along.   I couldn't have imagined a better environment to record than 'The Lab' in Costa Rica!  And meeting Robert Plant there and having him add his amazing voice to one of my songs was like a dream! 

My songs are my story, my healing, my gift to myself and hopefully to others. I wrote them for my sorrows and my joys and my learnings.  I'm grateful for them all.
But especially the difficulties, for although they hurt and they burn... we're meant to rise from the ashes, a humbler, deeper, and finer person.

I have so many to thank in my life.  I hope you all know who you are and that I've been somehow able to give back to you some measure of what I've been given.


Many of my songs touch on emotions held deep inside that must come out and, for me... they come out in song.  I feel lucky and blessed to have been given this avenue for expressing, releasing and coming to understand many of my emotions.

It is my desire that they somehow will bring some hope and maybe some comfort or at least some understanding in our lives on this incredibly beautiful yet troubled planet of ours.


In my truest of hearts and deepest of souls, I feel so much love and compassion, but my human frailty has some catching up to do.  I hope and endeavor to always become a better, higher, kinder version of who I am today.


It is my fervent wish for a world of abundance for all... a world where we care for each other and our earth.  I believe it is possible.

I hold this vision. 

Be blessed and thank you for listening.

Much love to you all,


pre-release party
prerelease party-Patricia
blurry me

Good friends at the Pre-Release Party in Costa Rica.

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